Xonikz Independent Industries


Jon Decker Photography: Making ideas possible through event and staged photography.


XIIKA Production: Film and Graphic production since 2002.


Xonikz is a testbed for new ideas and market research integrating a variety of services with one unified focus.

Welcome to Xonikz!

Over the past 14 years Xonikz Independent Industries has grown from a graphics and video editing service in West Michigan into the multi-faceted, New England company that was first conceived by founder Jon Decker.

Now, with the transition into a new calendar round Xonikz Independent Industries continues to strive for quality client relationships and superior production in all of its independent industries.

The goal for 2013 is a general expansion of each industry to directly reach clients or consumers through web networking and personal relationships. Each industry will be held accountable to their individual goal by the Xonikz II expansion plan. More info can be found on the projects page.

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  • Production
    Industry: XIIKA Production - Film, Video, and Audio creation.
  • Photography
    Industry: Jon Decker Photography - Capturing the Possible.
  • Creativity
    Industry: Grasping @ Creativity - Inspiring creativity through hints, interviews, and projects.