Xonikz Independent Industries

Projects Overview

Photo Studio
The goal is to create a fully functional 3-light strobe/flash portraiture studio that can fit into a carry-on.

The key to a good blog is consistent new articles and new content for the readers each month.

Social Networking
Xonikz.com is expanding its social networking reach to include the more popular platforms.

In the coming months each division will be required to assemble a physical portfolio of its completed projects.

Photo and Film Gear
Inventing new rigs and gadgets is a part of the ongoing attempt to create the perfect film/photo studio.

Film and Audio
Several smaller projects are in the pre-production phase and will be announced as the come to completion,

Future Projects


Photography Studio Expansion

As the business continues to grow, the need for a more traditional studio approach may arrive. Until then having a good business expansion plan on hand is the best practice..


Creative Leader Interviews

The blogs will get a boost from articles reviewing or interviewing experts in the creative or photographic fields. The plan is to interview one leading expert per month.


Cinematic Composition

All of the audio themes are scored and mixed in house for use in the dramatization or film projects.


Digital Feature Film Exploration

Xonikz.com was started as a way to explore film production and therefore it makes sense to keep one of the future goals as the production of a new feature film or similar production.